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2018: We apologize that a change of systems has made some items unviewable. In addition, many links must be re-assigned. Updates underway--check back soon.


We're the Pinellas Libertarian Community Project, registered with the Libertarian International Organization, and part of the Tampa Bay Club. Share your news and get involved through our FACEBOOK and participant links portal at right.

We're a social community that welcomes Pledged Libertarians, friends, and interested people. While sharing voluntary solutions in our personal and civic lives to better Pinellas, we're non-partisan. 

Our focus is sharing key information, participant doings and events, and encouraging people to take a step in activism and non-partisan appointive or elective public office.

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Libertarian interest discussion: Anti-State|Mises

Key Link/Solution portals: LIO|ISIL|Advocates



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Occasional speaker dinner, activist brunch, monitor local boards coffee, picnic, and events driven by Facebook friends & Clubsters shared at our FACEBOOK.


 The Pinellas Project is a private co-mensal society for fellowship, action and encouragement.


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